Birds of the Mediterranean high mountains

About 4 hours 50 minutes for a person walking at a gentle pace, for a bird enthusiast, much more.
12.7 km. Very smooth profile. It is not marked.

Preferably in spring and summer.

What does it consist of?

The Iberian Peninsula is located between two biogeographic regions: the Eurosiberian and the Mediterranean. Within it, the Iberian mountain range is immersed in the Mediterranean region. In certain sectors of this mountain range, especially in the oromediterranean bioclimatic floor, the environmental conditions are reminiscent of those found in certain areas of the Eurosiberian region. They are home to species typical of the Atlantic and Central European areas.

This biogeographic uniqueness is manifested in all groups of living beings, including birds. In the cooler areas of the Sierra de Gúdar, during the breeding season, certain species of birds can be observed that are more typical of more northerly regions and are very difficult to find at that time of year in southern Aragon.

We propose a tour of the Sollavientos valley that will surprise ornithologists and nature lovers for its birdlife and the beauty of its landscapes.

Additional information

Comfortable shoes for the mountain and raincoat. Binoculars and bird guide highly recommended.