Discover the culture of plants

Any, but best in the early or late hours of the day.
Two hours
4 km.

From May to October, preferably. In early autumn, the colors of deciduous shrubs and trees are of great beauty.

What does it consist of?

The Ethnobotanical Route of
is a simple route through the Umbría de la Dehesa. Along the route, a series of panels offer the hiker complete information on the popular uses of the plants. But also on their ecology, both in the relationships between the environment and these living beings, as well as on the dynamic processes that operate when the relationships between species change, especially when human pressure is reduced. It is an open-air laboratory and, at the same time, it is a botanical garden. It allows to recognize the most common native trees and shrubs in these mountains. All this located in a place of great beauty, as is the valley of the Sollavientos river as it passes through Allepuz.

Additional information

Comfortable footwear for the mountain. In summer, hat and water. There may be cows grazing in some sections.