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1 hour
800 meters
Minimum 2 persons and maximum 10 persons
No minimum age.

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The visit includes an interpreted tour of the old town, visiting such emblematic places as the arcaded square, the town hall, the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the old castle of Templar origin and the church of San Miguel. Also the Museum of the Carlist Wars.

What does it consist of?

The guided tour of the municipality of Cantavieja aims to show the historical past and the rich heritage that the town treasures.

Cantavieja is the capital of the Maestrazgo region. It is located at an altitude of 1,300 meters, and there are those who have not hesitated to baptize it as “eagles’ nest” or “ship’s prow” furrowing the ravines. This impregnable location has earned it its historical importance and it is considered the historical capital of Alto Maestrazgo.

The place was conquered in 1169 by Alfonso II. Already in 1197 it was occupied by the Templars who made it the head of the seven municipalities that formed the ‘baylía’ of Cantavieja. After the extinction of the Order of the Temple, after a long resistance of 8 months, its assets passed into the hands of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, which ruled the town for more than 500 years.

The eighteenth century was one of the most prosperous in the town. Enriched by livestock and wool trade, the Loreto Chapel, the Church of the Assumption, the hospital and several of the manor houses that are still preserved were built.

Cantavieja again plays a leading role between 1833 and 1840 with the first Carlist war. General Ramón Cabrera turned the town for a few years into the capital of the General Command of Maestrazgo, establishing his residence and headquarters here.

The town has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site and is part of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain.

Surely after these brief brushstrokes you will want to know more about its long history through the buildings that have survived to the present day. With this visit we will take you to discover Cantavieja.

Additional information

The rates are:

Normal ticket 4 €, Retired 3,5 € and Disabled 3 €.

How to enjoy it?

To book a guided tour please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

Day, number of people, reservation contact and phone number. You can also call 678 340 228.