The Silent Route, symphony of curves and landscapes.

Highway A-1702. You can start at Venta de la Pintada (Gargallo) or at Puerto de Cuarto Pelado (Cantavieja).

If you don’t stop, the road trip is two hours.
60 kms

All year round

What does it consist of?

Feel the call of silence in a journey through impossible landscapes.

A journey that will reveal unexplored spaces, unique, exceptional and authentic experiences. Unforgettable sensations. In the A-1702, the extraordinary is the norm.

The road runs like an old wrinkle in the skin of a land marked by silence and mystery that at first sight seems a rough, abrupt and rugged territory but soon appears to the visitor as a captivating Eden: solitary farmhouses, pastures that undulate with their tides of stalks, narrow roads that open paths in the stone, fragile and orphaned rivers, mountains that rise and touch the sky and its stars, orchards that wrap the courses of rivers and ravines, villages with a strong personality that climb like a mantle to the slopes or vertiginously overlooking the precipice, palaces, towers, chapels, mills…. A landscape of balance between nature and history in a scarcely transformed environment, which takes us back to times when man disputed with the forces of nature for the right to live there.

In 60 kilometers the road passes through landscapes of marked personality and great contrasts. Serene mountains, steep ridges and limestone gorges and windswept moorlands follow one after the other. A route of indomitable beauty, defined by its contrasts and paradoxes and by its long history.

Additional information

The road should be traveled calmly, stopping at the viewpoints, entering the villages, walking its trails, tasting its products, enjoying the fauna, flora and, of course, the silence.
The route can be traveled with any vehicle: car, motorcycle, motorhome, camper, bicycle.
Visit and discover all its possibilities.

How to enjoy it?

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