Nature Retreats

Consult dates
We offer different dates and formats for weekends, long weekends, vacations and weekdays.
3 / 10 people. Now 5 persons maximum per Covid regulation
Minimum age of 14 years old

All year round.


Everything you need to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable personal experience is included. Surrounded by the unspoiled nature of “Terra Origen. Retreat Space”, the place where we carry out the activities.

What does it consist of?

All our retreats are based on self-knowledge in connection with nature for the improvement of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Several group and personal retreats are available. The latter, adapted to your needs. If you are a group already formed, we can offer retreats adapted to your requirements. Most of the retreats are coeducational, although you will also be able to see the ones we offer exclusively for women.

All of them are designed to provide you with tools to reconnect with your inner peace and, thus, improve your life, be happy with what surrounds you and with yourself.

We are Amira and Jesus. We bring more than 15 years of experience accompanying people in their inner growth, self-knowledge and teaching meditation and conscious breathing techniques, among many others.

In addition, doing retreats in direct contact with nature frees the person from stress and anxiety, facilitates a good night’s rest, calms the mind and reduces emotional intensity, among many other benefits.

Maestrazgo, the land that hosts these retreats is named after the Order of the Temple, which chose it, among other things, for its great energetic strength, which will undoubtedly enrich your experience.

To participate, no previous experience in any technique of meditation, conscious breathing or inner growth is necessary. If you would like to come and enjoy one of these retreats, you can contact us and, if you wish, we will advise you on the one that is most beneficial for you or for you.

Additional information

All the necessary information on what to bring, how to get there, accommodations, etc., is sent for the smooth running of the retreat and its attendees.

How to enjoy it?

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where you can find all the information. We also have a blog on the web with articles, news and upcoming activities.

For more information:

Amira: Tel. 659 436 749 Also whatsapp and Telegram

Jesus: Tel. 654 477 040 Also Whatsapp

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