A look into the past. Discover a 16th century palace frozen in time

The Aliaga House can be seen with the guided tour that takes place in the town, at 12h and 16.30h from Tuesday to Saturday and at 12h on Sunday. You can also see only the house, joining the visit, at the end of the tour of the town around 13h and 17.30h from Tuesday to Saturday and at 13h on Sunday. Guided tours of the house are available for groups of more than 20 people, adapting to the day and time of interest to the group, by prior arrangement at the Tourist Office.
45 minutes
Visit to all the rooms of the house
Minimum of 2 people, maximum groups of 50 people (due to the pandemic, complying at all times with the established capacity).
All ages

Throughout the year


Guided tour of all the rooms of the house to see and understand how the nobility lived in rural areas from the sixteenth century to the twentieth century.

What does it consist of?

Do you want to discover how noble families in rural areas lived in past centuries? Live a beautiful experience visiting the Aliaga House in La Iglesuela del Cid!!!

Visiting the house is a memorable experience because it is like traveling back in time. Entering a 16th century palace house where at any moment it seems that the owners could appear in any of its rooms, since everything is perfectly dressed and decorated. It is like “sneaking” into the intimate space of the family that lived here, with all that this entails in terms of emotion and curiosity.

The house has many strong points that delight tourists during their visit:

– The first floor with the typical pebbled floor, drawing attention to a wall clock with hands with 24 hours a day.

– The second floor was the place of residence of the landlords. It has a living room with a fireplace, entertainers at the windows, a curious office with a secret staircase, clothing and accessories. In addition, a kitchen renovated in the 50’s with all its utensils.

– The second floor was the place of residence of the lords. Here we highlight its large wooden coffered ceiling, the living room with beautiful curtains, a showcase with curious antique toys, the main living room, where the high society used to meet, the old kitchen with its large fireplace and numerous utensils, a room with a bathroom when in the town did not exist yet, another master bedroom with a bed emblazoned and a modernist room with curious details.

– The Tourist Office is located in the stables, where all kinds of tourist information is provided and from where the guided tours depart.

Visitors, both children and adults, do not cease to be surprised with everything that can be seen in the house and with the stories that the guide of the municipality tells about it and its inhabitants.

How to enjoy it?

Contact the Tourist Office:

Municipal Tourist Office of La Iglesuela del Cid, Phone 964 44 33 25651 61 17 31, Contact person: Mari Roig
E-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]