Hiking and climbing in an unknown corner of the world.

Cuesta Collado (1 km before arriving in Molinos from Berge)
Approximately 2 hours
The route can be done on foot or by car (except for the last kilometer). One kilometer before reaching the town of Molinos, a track starts on the right. The main trail crosses the bed of the ravine, and in three kilometers reaches the hermitage of Santa Lucía, on the right hand side. A stop to visit the building whose slender brick tower stands out. A few meters away you can also admire a large specimen of kermes oak. Continuing along the track, a little further on, there is a path next to a grazing field, where you can leave your vehicle. We move to the right bank and little by little the ravine narrows. In half an hour along the path you reach the beautiful corner where a waterfall with a pond at the bottom falls.
Depending on the age of the children, the car can be left more or less close by.

All year round

What does it consist of?

There are just over two kilometers of trail if we add the outward and return, a path that in the last stretch runs between riparian and Mediterranean forest. Accompanied in each of our steps by Aleppo pines, poplars, junipers, gall oaks, holm oaks… and at the top, an exceptional lookout, the griffon vulture, one of the largest birds of prey in the Iberian Peninsula. At the end, when the large trees that accompany us let us see the rock wall that closes the way, is when we glimpse this magnificent place that looks like a dream.

It evokes the memory of that mythical scene from the movie “The Blue Lake”, where Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields show their love for each other in a small lake, under a beautiful waterfall. It is a jump of about twenty or thirty meters. The water hits a limestone rock ledge, already covered by wet vegetation, and distributes it along the surrounding walls, causing a greenness, worthy of any corner of the Amazon, which illuminates the place. You feel like sitting, watching, listening to the birds singing and the sweet sound of the water falling over the small lake formed at the foot of the waterfall.

(Text by @Proximity Explorer)

Additional information

– For climbing enthusiasts, there are numerous open routes of different levels in the area.
– Recently, an access trail to the “Caleja del Huergo”, in Ejulve, has been marked in the same area, which is also a must-see spot.
– Wear comfortable clothing, bring plenty of water, especially in summer, and take care of the
practical advice
when it comes to enjoy hiking.

How to enjoy it?

From Molinos, take the signposted track towards Pozo del Salto. The car can be left at a later date. It can also be done on foot, taking the GR 8.1 towards Ejulve.