Autumn on your palate

Several localities of Maestrazgo

Minimum 2 persons

October and November.


Special menu or tasting menu.

What does it consist of?

During the months of October and November, the Autumn Gastronomic Days have been held in Maestrazgo for more than twenty years. Several restaurants participate in them, each of them offering a special menu with local and seasonal products as protagonists.

Mushrooms are the star ingredient, since autumn offers a variety of exquisite mushrooms to work with. Together with game meats, dried fruits, seasonal vegetables or local products such as Tronchón cheese, veal, honey or ham, they make up a very suggestive gastronomic proposal. Traditional recipes are combined with more avant-garde dishes where the local seal and the quality of the ingredients prevail.

Tasting one of these menus can be the finishing touch to a day of mushroom picking in the Maestrazgo Mycological Reserve. Every year thousands of fans come in search of such a precious delicacy.

Additional information

In some restaurants it is offered only on weekends. Consult the conditions of each establishment.

How to enjoy it?

For more information, please visit:

978 88 75 61

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