Discovering the skies of the Maestrazgo region

Starting at 10:00 p.m.
One hour, minimum
In and around the lodge
For lodgers only. No minimums. With previous reservation
No minimum age.

All year round.

What does it consist of?

The skies of Teruel are special. They are clean, unpolluted, and perfect for stargazing and observing the cosmos. If you want to know them better, do not hesitate to book the activity with us.

With the help of Starlight guide Maribel Aguilar, we will get to know the world of astronomy and learn how to observe the sky by making individualized observations. This activity is carried out on a timely basis.

At other times, depending on the demand, we work with other specialists, with whom we do night photography, learn to use apps such as loss of the night, skyView, etc., we talk about the consequences of light pollution on flora and fauna and we make gatherings with friends of the night sky, mythology, etc..

Additional information

  • The activities are free of charge and only for people staying in the rural house.
  • Occasionally, activities open to the general public are organized.
  • Starlight certified lodging since 2015.

How to enjoy it?

House El Patio del Maestrazgo. Carmen Leonor Perez. Tel. 690 160 749 (WhatsApp).