Opening Villages

It is personalized, so the schedule is to be agreed upon.
Depending on how many towns you visit, it is usually a half or full day.
There is no minimum number, the ideal is a group between 10 and 20 people.

All year round.


Visit of the old towns and enclosed interiors. Depending on the village, these can be churches, schools, mills, ovens, hermitages…

What does it consist of?

I know the place well, I’ve studied it and I live here, so I can both recommend the best place to see a sunset and talk about Renaissance monuments in the area.” This is Sera, through its company T-Guío, that friend in Maestrazgo with whom the tourist will not miss any detail.

To take advantage of all the knowledge she has of the villages in the area, and to show you those villages that, because they don’t have tourist offices and local guides, can’t show their heritage to travelers, Sera created Opening Villages a program where, through agreements with the town halls, it holds the keys to those interiors hidden from the visitor’s gaze.

Thus, Abriendo Pueblos is a project that shows travelers the villages of Maestrazgo in a different way. Mills, ovens, prisons, schools, churches, interpretation centers and even an ex-conjuradero, are the places you will discover during your visit.

Everything takes place in small towns, but not for that reason, less interesting and attractive. In this way, it aims to contribute to the local economy, consuming local products and making use of the services that each locality offers.

We open to you villages with charm and history such as Allepuz, Villarroya, Miravete, Fortanete, La Cañada, Tronchón, La Cuba or Bordón, exclusively, so that you will live a unique experience.

And of course, we accompany you all over the Maestrazgo!

Additional information

Reservations are recommended.

Visits can be enjoyed all year round, weather permitting.

The project
Opening Villages
has been awarded the Teruel Siente prize for Sustainable Tourism, granted by the Provincial Council of Teruel, in the category of Idea with a Future.


From 1 to 8 persons 1/2 day 80 €, 1 day 120 €.

From 8 to 16 persons 1/2 day 10 € / person, 1 day 15 € / person

From 16 to 20 people 1/2 day 8 € / person, 1 day 10 € / person.

How to enjoy it?

Contact us:

T.GUÍO Tourist Services of Maestrazgo. Sera Buj. Tel 620 173 740

[email protected]