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Maestrazgo, in the movies

The Maestrazgo region has been the scene of several shootings. Its Renaissance and Baroque palaces, its streets, of medieval and modern origin, and its scenic surroundings, provide a luxurious setting for any production, whether medieval or modern, from the civil war or from the rural world.

We invite you to discover some of these scenarios in “Maestrazgo, de cine!

From the regions of Maestrazgo and Gúdar Javalambre has been launched Highlands Film Officean office that offers a service of attraction and attention to filming with the aim that both become scenarios for films, commercials, series, video clips…

The website is already up and running with the best locations documented in photos and videos that will serve as a business card for those production companies interested in the scenery that our spaces have to offer.

With this we not only value the territory (landscape, roads, villages, civil and religious heritage…), but also private scenarios such as unique houses, farmhouses, towers, mills, factories or warehouses. If you own any of these spaces or your house has something special (a curious entrance, a traditional kitchen, a period living room… or even a garden) contact us. It doesn’t have to be old, it can also be very modern. The idea is that it should stand out or have some uniqueness.

This project can have a very positive effect on the socio-economic fabric of the territory, since hosting a filming involves the possibility of needing the support of electricians, carpenters or blacksmiths, crane operators, etc., the rental of public and private spaces, accommodation, catering and restaurants, people to participate as extras and, in addition, tourist repercussions at national and international level.

The spaces used by production companies for filming scenes are rented from their owners, which can also be an incentive to participate in the project.

Visitors video clip

Music videos

Several musical groups have chosen evocative corners of the territory

Kawasaki announcement


In the Maestrazgo region, advertisements have also been filmed taking

Middle Class

Middle class

Mirambel was the scene of “Clase media”, a series of