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Land and Freedom

Undoubtedly, the filming that has had the greatest repercussion, both inside and outside the territory, was that of the movie “Land and freedom“Ken Loach’s film, both for the duration of the shooting, since they were in Maestrazgo for more than a month, as well as for the number of people who participated as extras or helping in what they were asked to do. This film has undoubtedly left its mark on the nearby history of Mirambel. So much so that it even has a book, written by Mario Ornat, dedicated to those filming days: Welcome Mister Loach. History of the filming of Tierra y libertad… or how the revolution came to Mirambel.
Ken Loach returned to Mirambel on the 25th anniversary of the filming, where he met again with actors and collaborators of that time.
The town has a route to visit the main scenes of that filming.