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The town of Bordón is located 828 meters above sea level, halfway between the mountains of Alto Maestrazgo and Bajo Aragón. There are currently 144 inhabitants living in the town, most of whom are engaged in agriculture and livestock farming.

The most emblematic monument of the municipality is the Church of the Virgen de la Carrasca, a real jewel built in the fourteenth century. Subsequently, it was renovated during the Baroque period, specifically during the 18th century. During this period one of the most interesting elements of the temple was added, a profuse pictorial decoration, dated 1719.

Other interesting buildings in the town are the Pasadizo, which is probably the only portal of the old walled enclosure that has survived to the present day, and the hermitages of San Antonio Abad and Monte del Calvario. Also, as it happens in most of the municipalities of certain importance of the region, the old refrigerator of the locality is conserved. It is located in the highest part of the village. These buildings are a magnificent example of popular architecture, characterized by their simplicity, austerity and great functionality.

Another idiosyncratic element of Bordón are the so-called “albadas”. These verses, allusive to the people who resided in each house because of their condition (bachelorhood, widowhood…) or because of events that occurred during the year, were sung on the night of the bonfire of San Antonio Abad. Today, curious ceramic plaques with these verses printed on them can be found on the facades of many houses.

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