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The municipality of Molinos, precursor of the Maestrazgo Cultural Park, is located in the northwest of the region, at an altitude of 838 meters. Se is located at the foot of the Poyo Ambasaguas, site where the old Calatrava fortress was settled and Molinos belonged to the Calatrava de Alcañiz commandery.

And the visit begins

Of its monumental nucleus it is necessary to emphasize two contiguous arcaded squares, the Plaza Mayor and the Town Hall. The church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves is located there, one of the most unique churches of the 15th century in the province of Teruel. Opposite is the town hall, with its typical fish market, attached to an old tower with vaulted rooms and a small cistern.

The Bell Tower or Clock Tower is not next to the church, but in the upper part of Poyo Ambasaguas, as well as the porticoed hermitage of Soledad and a small Portal associated with the old Calatrava fortress. The Portal de San Roque, so called because of the open chapel at the top, is located on the other side of the village and corresponds to a walled enclosure of which no more remains are preserved. The complex is completed with the hermitage of San Nicolás, a baroque building from the 18th century, and several large houses, such as the Mesón de la Villa, Casa del Moro, etc.

There are several exhibition spaces in the city center. It is worth mentioning the “Eleuterio Blasco Ferrer Room”, located on the top floor of the town hall, which displays the collection of works by the sculptor after whom it is named.

Treasures of nature

At the entrance to the village is the Salto de San Nicolás, an imposing waterfall that seems to emerge from the houses themselves, something unusual in the interior of a locality, and whiche can only be saved thanks to a beautiful ashlar bridge, hanging between two cliffs and protected by the tower of the Peña del Castillo, of which few remains are preserved.

But Molinos holds a natural treasure. One of the main attractions of the municipality are the Grutas de Cristal, a large group of karstic formations, unique in Europe, where amazing stalactites and stalagmites abound. The cave has two rooms: Sala de los Cristales (Crystal Room) and Sala Marina (Marine Room).

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