PR-TE 78: Tour to Sollavientos

This trail offers the option of a short or longer loop. The first one through the Boina cave branch, which coincides with the beginning of the Camino de los Pilones, while the long option goes through the recreational area and the Los Berros fountain. The two options merge in the vicinity of the Tormagal mill, next to a unique grove of hazelnut trees.

In its final stretch the route coincides with the route nº 12 of the Centro BTT Maestrazgo “Vuelta al valle de Sollavientos“. The trail starts from the Hospedería de Allepuz, either by the Camino de los Pilones (passing by the cave of La Boina), or by taking the path that leads to the recreational area of the Berros fountain, which also passes by the Salud fountain and a nice narrow stretch of the Sollavientos river.

Both options or sections merge when it is time to ascend, next to the Tormagal mill, to the Sollavientos valley, crossing some rock corridors next to the riverbed. Once over La Muela, we descend next to the Dehesa farmhouse along a pleasant cobblestone path that offers good views of the town. The Sollavientos River is crossed over a footbridge and, finally, the riverbed is crossed up to the urban center, next to the washing place (Ventorrillo Street).

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