Route 2 Trail Running Center Allepuz: La avellanera

This route, of 12.9 kilometers, presents a route that doubles the positive slope of the Ruta Morrón Royo and, therefore, its demand. It ascends from the town of Allepuz to take a path that connects with the Peirón de San Cristóbal and, a few meters ahead, the Camino de los Pilones. Continue climbing up to Masía de La Hiedra and Puerto de Sollavientos. It crosses the Sollavientos River and runs parallel to it, passing by the Molino del Tormagal, the Fuente de la Salud and the Fuente de los Berros (recreational area). Go up to the Masía de la Dehesa. From this point it returns to Allepuz downhill, through the Umbría.


Route card

Type of route Difficulty Km Positive difference in elevation Negative difference in elevation Maximum height Minimum height
12.9 km
682 m
685 m
1535 m
1370 m

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