PR-TE 89 Luco de Bordón – Torremocha

Luco de Bordón and Torremocha are two small enclaves in the municipality of Castellote that are worth a walk. Specifically, Torremocha is an abandoned hamlet that still has a little charm worth visiting. Abandoned in the 70’s, it still preserves the spirit of the local villages and you can see how they adapted to the environment to live.

The hamlet of Luco de Bordón sits on a hill on which the hermitage of La Purísima or Calvario stands out. From Horno Street begins a path that descends to the ravine of the Moreras, which is crossed by a small lever, and later links with the track and descents. When the uninhabited area is in sight, the route goes along a stony path to the Torremocha ravine, next to a fountain and a more modern reservoir. The road ends on a cobblestone path that climbs up to the old town and the old church (in ruins), taking advantage of the geological strata of the rock.

It is a short route in which you can tour Torremocha at your leisure and return on the same day without too much effort. If you want to know more about the nature and heritage of Castellote, click on the following link.


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