GR 8 | Stage 06: Las Planas – Bordón

The GR 8 leaves towards Luco heading south along the Calle Baja. It soon becomes a path between walls that climbs up to the pass of the old road. From there it descends by road following the valley, which it then crosses, and ascends the rocky slope to the threshing floors of Los Alagones. It crosses the neighborhood and comes out onto the old road where a path descends to a valley. It connects with a side trail that leads up through a patch of kermes oak to the agricultural trail of La Hoya.

The trail passes a farm and descends into the valley of a side ravine of the Bordón River. Further on, the GR leaves the track and takes a path that descends to the area of Las Hoces del Bordón. Cross the river over the stone bridge and begin to climb up through the vallezuelo of the ravine of the Virgen del Pilar. It passes by the ruins of the flour mill and leaves the bed of the ravine to go up the road between walls that ends at Costera Street, access to Luco de Bordón.

From Luco de Bordón take the road towards Bordón. Shortly after, the traditional path that leads to the hermitage of Pilar starts on the left. It advances through the interior of the ravine between old terraces and sometimes bordering the stream under lush vegetation. It crosses a rocky hillock and leaves the interior of the riverbed to come out onto the track a little before it ends at the hermitage (fountain).

The GR continues under the sanctuary’s barcana, crosses the stream and begins to climb sinuously up the conglomerate slope to the top of the hill. On the other side of it, it leads to a track that descends to the Hondo ravine. It passes next to the Tejería, crosses the bed of the ravine and climbs to a small hill from where the village of Bordón is already diverted. It descends to the bottom of the valley and enters the village through a rampant street.

Route card

Type of route Starting point Km Positive difference in elevation Negative difference in elevation Approximate duration M I D E
Southbound on Baja Street
11 km
485 m
325 m
3h 40min
2 2 2 3

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