GR 8.1 | Stage 07: Pitarque – Cañada de Benatanduz

The GR 8.1 leaves Pitarque towards Cañada along the path to the Nacimiento, which in its first steps also coincides with the route to Villarluengo. The path, which is very busy in the season, winds comfortably along the left bank of the valley to the hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña. Here, the Nacimiento trail continues to the bottom of the valley, while the GR ascends in twists and turns up the slope until it leaves the steepness of the valley. Outside the canyon, it continues along forest trails that go upstream of the Mal Burgo wadi. It crosses the dry riverbed and begins to ascend the piney slope to the top of the Santos Adones. The GR does not leave the crest of the sierra and continues to approach the village until it meets the path that descends to the bottom of the valley and enters Cañada de Benatanduz.

Source: Tourist Trails of Aragon

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