GR 8.1 | Stage 08: Cañada de Benatanduz – Fortanete

The GR 8.1 in the direction of Fortanete leaves Cañada along the track that goes up to La Capellanía. This trail crosses the plain of the vega and cuts diagonally across the mountainside. However, the GR leaves it and gains altitude more quickly to access the mountain range divide. Heading south, towards La Capellanía, the good track is recovered and later becomes a path that crosses the high mountain pastures. It imperceptibly makes a roof, when it passes near the guard house and the geodesic vertex, and ignores the secondary branches of the PR to Cuarto Pelado and Castillo del Cid that converge there.

The GR begins a long descent through the interior of a pine forest, which becomes a bujeda, before coming out onto the semi-naked loamy hills that betray the proximity of the town of Fortanete, the end of the stage.

Source: Tourist Trails of Aragon

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