PR-TE 87: Tour to the Cañada River

This route is a tour along the Cañada River, a course that does not reach the volume and magnitude of other rivers of Maestra, such as the Guadalope or the Pitarque, but that has been able to carve an abrupt landscape of gorges and narrows of equal beauty and grandeur. The path starts at the church square and goes down the alley to the back of the houses and corrals that outline the base of the hill. The trail climbs up the hillside until it reaches the river bank, near the confluence with the side ravine.

It changes banks and climbs through the boxwood that covers the mountain to the track of the Hortichuelas farmhouse. Take this trail to the right and, in a few hundred meters, the route turns to the right on a nice path that returns to Cañada de Benatanduz through the interior of the gorge.

The main route continues along the track, passes by the Cubo de la Puerta fountain and immediately turns to the right onto a cattle trail that goes down to the river -still not boxed in-, crosses it and comes out onto a bald rocky area next to the road. To the right of the bionda, the path continues a few meters close to the guardrail to rejoin the cattle track that descends to the bottom of the ravine. Cross the road and go up the rocky slope to come out under the hill of the San Cristobal hermitage (panoramic viewpoint). The PR continues a little further, in the direction of the houses, where it connects with the GR 8 coming from Fortanete.

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