PR – TE 69: Cantavieja – El Rebollar

Pleasant route that meets a certain slope and ends in an area of leisure and rest very appealing, especially to go with children to enjoy a day without leaving Cantavieja.

During the itinerary you can enjoy the perspective of the town “hanging” over the mountain.

The marked route leaves Cantavieja through the Loreto hermitage and, below the schools, continues along an asphalted track. It soon becomes a dirt track and then a path that, between stone walls, descends to the old road. The ravine is crossed over the old bridge of the paved road and connects with the new A-226 road. Then begins a cobblestone path up to the picnic area of El Rebollar, which has a small botanical park, the Rebollar cave and the Faldrija fountain.

Route card

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