Route 06v Mountain Bike Center. Mirambel variant

From the dry stone cairn, crossroads and crossroads (km 0) continues towards Mirambel by asphalted track in strong descent and attention! Before crossing the ford over the Cantavieja river, a secondary track (“azagador”) starts on the right (km 1.7). Further on, there is the option of descending to the medieval bridge and the remains of the stone aqueduct over the river (km 4.8) or continuing along the main path and crossing the riverbed by a cemented ford (km 5) that leads to the hermitage and fountain of El Pilar (km 5.3). Finally, it connects with the A-226 road (km 5.4) and with Mirambel (km 6.3: Portal de Monjas).

Route card

Difficulty Unevenness Km Cyclability Approximate duration Type of road surface
19 m
6.5 km
57% dirt track, 28% asphalt track, 15% highway

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