GR 8.1 | Stage 01: Las Planas – La Algecira

The GR 8 heads into the Guadalope Valley, along a good track between fields, in the direction of El Alconzal, one of the many uninhabited villages in the province of Teruel. Further on, a path shortens the track to which it returns before entering the Gómez ravine. After a comfortable stretch through the interior of the ravine, ascend to a hill and take the Cárcamas trail that descends between rocks to the banks of the Guadalope.

The route crosses the river and connects in the poplar grove with a trail that descends along the left bank of the valley, below the small hamlet of La Algecira. When it reaches the mouth of the ravine that descends from Ladruñán, the GR leaves this track that advances signposted as PR-TE 56 towards the cave paintings of Barranco Gómez, and enters the path that goes up the ravine on its left bank. The trail goes out to a good track through a lateral watercourse when reaching the vicinity of Ladruñán, where the stage ends.

Source: Tourist Trails of Aragon

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