GR 8 | Stage 05: Aguaviva – Las planas

The first kilometers of the stage to Las Parras de Castellote are on a track, in the direction of Mas de las Matas. When you reach the Masía del Junco you leave the detour that continues towards that town and the route changes course to go into the interior of the ravine of the Fuente del Lobo. There a path climbs through the ravine and the mountain until it reaches a hill where it connects with a path that leads to the road to Parras de Castellote. One kilometer along this little-used road is all that remains to reach this picturesque town in the lower Aragonese region.

It leaves this small town and heads to gain the line of the hilly reliefs that go into the territory of the Lower Maestrazgo. It advances through hilly and forest terrain, leaves the Mas de los Terreros, crosses the Torremocha ravine and, passing the large agricultural glade of Mas Blanco, takes the path that descends to the valley of the Bordón River. It crosses the Estrecho del Huergo Bridge, at the exit of Las Hoces, and ends in Las Planas along the trail.

Source: Tourist Trails of Aragon

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