PR-TE 53 (derivation) Castellote-Seno

This walk to Seno, located in the Bajo Aragón region, is a good way out of the north of the region. At the beginning of the route you will approach one of the monuments of Castellote: the castle. Highly recommended for sightseeing.

From Caballón we climb to the top of the village where the paved road to the pass of Las Lomas begins. From this point there are two signposted possibilities: by the Templar castle or by a beautiful path hanging over the ravine, next to a peirón and overlooking the Llovedor hermitage. If we choose the first option, the views over the town are magnificent and an equipped path goes down from the castle to the aqueduct and the Puerta del Gigante, where both options meet.

Afterwards, the itinerary continues a few meters along a forest track until it takes a paved road that ascends slightly to go down again to the road. It crosses the road and between terraces reaches the Seno ravine, and then climbs through the orchard area to the town.

If you make the return trip and stay in Castellote, you can click on the following link to learn about other activities to do. And if you want to know more about the route, access the following link.

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