PR-TE 56 – GR 8.1. La Algecira – Levantine Rock Art

The sets of cave paintings preserved in the area around La Algecira, very close to the tail of the Santolea reservoir, are part of the so-called Levantine Rock Art. In 1998 they were declared World Heritage Sites.

From the parking lot of La Algecira we descend to the banks of the Guadalope (marked as GR 8.1 and PR-TE 56) and then go up the path parallel to the left bank and cross the metal footbridge to reach the bottom of the gravel beach, where the GR and PR are separated. The trail continues through the interior of the poplar grove for almost 1 km. Then climb up a small escarpment to the detour to the Pudial cave paintings (El Torico and El Arquero shelters).

The PR descends again to the shore up to the vicinity of the tail of the Santolea reservoir. Here it takes a path that first gains altitude, with good views of the Guadalope valley and the reservoir, and then descends to the Gómez ravine. The old road goes into the interior of the ravine until the detour to the cave paintings of La Vacada. Then it gains altitude until it leads to a trail, next to a concrete dam, which accesses the main trail where the PR connects with the GR 8.1, through which we return to La Algecira through the unique landscape of the Carcamas, a series of folds and twisted strata very picturesque.

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