Route 10 MTB Center: Route of the Horses – Santolea

From Calle Baja de Cuevas de Cañart take the road to Dos Torres de Mercader and Castellote, and after 3.1 km turn left and ascend towards Valdefortún, Las Las Lastras and La Polandera, until you join the road again (km 9.3). After a rapid descent through the Sierra de Los Caballos, it crosses the ruined hermitage of San Lázaro to Castellote (km 15). From the Plaza de España and Paseo de la Mina continue along the asphalted track(PR-TE 50) towards the Mina Mª Luisa. Near Guadalope it links with the old road to Santolea, Dos Torres and Ladruñán (km 19.7). Go around the campsite and the Santolea reservoir for 9 km, and at the next crossroads continue towards Ladruñán (km 28.7). This narrow road crosses the ruins of the abandoned village of Santolea (km 29.5), passes under an aqueduct and, after going up the Barranco del Estrecho, takes a track on the right (34.3 km) that links with Route 8 and Route 9. Through El Estrecho, the route ends at the Portal de Marzo de Cuevas de Cañart (km 39).

Route card

Difficulty Unevenness Km Cyclability Approximate duration Type of road surface
620 m
39 km
2h - 4h
62% track, 38% paved road

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