SL-TE 31: Natural Bridge of Fonseca

Linear route with little slope, which goes up the Guadalope River to reach the curious geological formation that draws the natural bridge of Fonseca. A parking lot is located a few meters from the town of La Algecira. It is a highly recommended place to start the walk because in addition to the parking lot, there are several explanatory panels.

One of the best indicators of the path is the Guadalope riverbed itself, which always runs to the left and leads first to the irrigation ditch dam and shortly after to the remains of the old farmhouse of El Latonar. Further on, a hydroelectric power plant appears and is still in operation. Just five minutes away from this we find a panel that warns the hiker of the entrance to a natural monument.

Continuing upstream, it reaches Masía Fonseca. Many years have passed since it was abandoned, but certain memories of one of its main activities, the spinning mill, still survive. A few minutes later, it is time to say goodbye to the GR 8 that accompanied the route from the beginning. After a little more than an hour’s walk, the trail that started from La Algecira reaches its natural monument par excellence: the Fonseca Bridge.

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