Via Ferrata Cuevas de Cañart

How to get there

– From the road that joins Molinos with Seno and Castellote (Teruel) there is another local road to Cuevas de Cañart. Once in the village we enter straight on the first street (Signposted: Hotel Don Inigo, Cascada de San Juan). We continue along the main street that before leaving the village becomes steeper indicating what awaits us, we continue along a narrow cement track with very steep sections until we get to a dirt road. At this intersection we can leave the car.
– Another parking option is to continue along the cement road to the left. Shortly after passing by the waterfall of San Juan there is a widening where you can leave the car.
– We can also access walking from the village along the same track guided by the GR-8.1 marks in 20-30 min with 100 m. of unevenness.


– The road access is located between the two parking areas. We walk about 100 meters along the track until we see some milestones. Looking above us we see some cirque-shaped crags, and if we have a good view we will see the cable. You have to climb without a defined path through loose terrain dressed by rosemary and gorse, it is only 10 minutes.


At the beginning of the route we have the longest wall, the clamps are very close together which allows small children to climb well. Small vertical projections and short flanks finish off this first section of the route – Installation of rappel of about 20 m. -.

We continue to the right on a slightly sloping rocky terrain until we reach the wall that forms the crest crest, despite the little verticality the views are great.

Again short, vertical ledges lead to an ascending flank where the feet rest on a ledge. Just before reaching the ridge we have a 4 meter dihedral with plenty of clips, we can make it more interesting by using only the clips on the left side.

Once on the ridge we see the ravine and the track where we will descend. The lifeline passes to the other side, immediately terminating the track.


– The route ends on the N.W. face of the mountain, we continue climbing close to the ridge on easy terrain to a point where we can pass to the village side. The descent is marked with wooden arrows.
– The route is equipped to be descended by rappelling. 40 meter rope


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