GR 8.1 Cuevas de Cañart – Salto de San Juan

If you have briefly toured the Comarca del Maestrazgo you will have noticed that in every corner there is a viewpoint and Cuevas de Cañart is no exception. And don’t be confused by the GR, this route is short and very accessible.

A little more than 1 km from the village, we can find one of them, the Salto de San Juan. From this viewpoint of Salto de San Juan you will be able to observe the village from above and see part of the surrounding environment. This walk starts in Cuevas de Cañart in the direction of Molinos, following the GR 8.1 trail. From the top of the village, very close to the Virgen de los Pueyos hermitage, a cemented track begins between stone walls that ascends in several zigzag loops until it quickly gains altitude and connects with another track in better condition (1 km).

The hard ascent is rewarded with magnificent views of the powerful geological environment of Cuevas de Cañart. A few meters away there is a viewpoint and a path that approaches the via ferrata. Further ahead, on the left, a small path begins, well conditioned with steps and a footbridge helps us to cross the flow of the San Juan ravine (the hermitage and the source are located 1 km further up, it is highly recommended to visit this place, where the old snow pit of the town is also located). On the other side of the riverbed, a series of anthropomorphic tombs appear on the tuffaceous platform, an exceptional viewpoint.

The Salto de Juan is part of the immense natural and cultural heritage of Cuevas de Cañart. If you want to find out more, click on the following link.

Route card

Type of route Starting point Km Positive difference in elevation Negative difference in elevation Approximate duration M I D E
Crossing (one way)
Cuevas de Cañart, direction Los Molinos
1.4 km
135 m
2 1 1 2

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