PR-TE 50 (bypass) Castellote-Jaganta

This walk to Jaganta, located in Parras de Castellote, is a good way out in the north of the region. During the route you will find varied environments: a mine, terraces, riverside landscape… A good opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the views.

At the end of the Paseo de La Mina begins the asphalt road to La Atalaya (PR-TE 53) and Jaganta. At about 700m we leave the first route and our itinerary continues towards the María Luisa mine, descends towards the Guadalope river, which is crossed by a lever, and climbs up the other bank towards the Cortés farmhouse. The route connects with an upper track and enters the pine forest. Further on, it cuts through another main forest track and runs alongside some olive groves.

The trail crosses one of the last terraces and goes halfway up the slope and then connects with another agricultural track until it reaches the Mina stream, where a path on the right goes down to cross its bed and then climbs up a narrow road to the road, next to Jaganta. Before going up to the town, our route connects with the PR-TE 50 trail that comes from Las Parras (GR 8 connection) and from Jaganta continues to Abenfigo and Mas de las Matas.

If you make the return trip and stay in Castellote, you can click on the following link to learn about other activities to do. Also, if you want more information about the route you can access through this link.

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