Route 14 BTT Center: Tour to the Hoya del Pinar

Circular route that begins next to the local road between Cuevas de Cañart and Ejulve, at the access to the hermitage of the Virgen del Pilar, 5 km from Cuevas de Cañart. At the beginning, follow the asphalt road for almost 1 km in the direction of Cuevas de Cañart. When you reach the Monjas farmhouse, take the track to the right and, after a descent to the bottom of a ravine, you can see the rocky structures in the form of mallos, which rise up defying gravity.

From here, the route begins to progressively gain altitude until it crowns the small mountain range, where we can observe another curious geological formation, the Hoya del Pinar, a depression in the terrain without any natural drainage (polje) that is occupied by fields of crops and plantations of holm oaks. Upon reaching some farmhouses the road turns to approach the asphalt road on which we started the route. Once there, we follow it again in the direction of Cuevas de Cañart until we reach the starting point.

Route card

Difficulty Unevenness Km Cyclability Approximate duration Type of road surface
287 m
1h 45min
23% road, 77% forest track

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