PR-TE 73 | GR 8.1: Fortanete – Castillo del Cid

Attractive trail to one of the most enigmatic places in Maestrazgo, since very little is known about its history and function.

Start on the GR 8.1 trail in the direction of Cañada de Benatanduz, which leaves Fortanete through the so-called Portal de la Cañada, where the directional signpost is located. First, it climbs steadily through the pine forest along the Frontón hill, then goes up the Barranco Hondo ravine and, along the Loma Herrera, crosses the La Capellanía trail. At this point, very close to the farmhouse of the same name, follow the PR-TE 73 to the castle of El Cid. The castle can also be reached from the Cuarto Pelado pass, along a path also marked as PR-TE 73. Be careful with the return trip, plan the necessary time for the return trip.

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