Route 01e Mountain Bike Center: Junction R1 – Pitarque R9

From the Ermita de la Magdalena we begin a continuous descent along the Barranco de La Cañada ravine, which crosses the Mas de Ardid (km 2.3) and other abandoned farmhouses. After passing a small ford, the route turns sharply next to a mill (km 7.8) along the bed of a small ravine. Further on we cross the bridge over the Pitarque River (km 8) and join the famous Nacimiento y los Ojos del Pitarque trail (km 8.4). To connect with Route 9 Hoces de Guadalope, continue along the road with great caution (km 12.3) to the A-1702.

Route card

Difficulty Unevenness Km Cyclability Approximate duration Type of road surface
53 m
12.7 km
forest track, road

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