Route 03 Mountain Bike Center: Pinares de Fortanete

The beginning coincides with Route 1(PR-TE 85, Rambla de Mal Burgo) until leaving it at Mercadales (km 7) to begin a steep ascent to the Sierra de La Lastra (km 13.5). Turn left through a firebreak through the pine forest and join the A-226 road (km 17.5). Follow the asphalt road for 500 m, turn left onto a forest track and reach the Peñarroyas recreation area (km 21) where you can take a short rest stop.

A road leaves Valdelinares (km 28.5) and continues along the asphalt road for 1.5 km to the Fuente del Rodeo (km 30). Take the forest trail next to the fountain to a shelter (km 33.8). At 100 meters from the refuge you leave the main road and continue through the pine forest. After successive crossings, the San Víctor Chapel is reached, located 300 meters from the route (km 41). It joins the PR-TE 85 trail and descends steeply to the Rambla de Mal Burgo (km 44.5). It joins the GR 8 trail to Valdelinares next to the rambla, with the view of Fortanete on the horizon (km 50).

To be considered:
The ascent to the Sierra de la Lastra has some sections of loose rock of a certain size that makes traction difficult. Also in other sections, which only makes it 98-99% cyclable.
Depending on the time of year, some springs may be dry, for example, the one in the recreational area of Peñarroyas or the Fuente del Rodeo.
The cumulative elevation gain is around 900 m (in the file is wrong).

Route card

Difficulty Unevenness Km Cyclability Approximate duration Type of road surface
Very Difficult
670 m
50 km
3h- 5h
97% forest track, 3% road

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