Route 04 Mountain Bike Center: GR 8 and Pilones Road

Follow the GR 8 trail from Fortanete to La Iglesuela del Cid at all times, and up to the Cruz Gorda the path coincides with Route 2 (km 6). It joins the local road to Mosqueruela (km 8.3) and continues along it for 2.3 km (km 10.6). Then follow the GR 8 trail through Masía del Rayo to La Nava (km 13), where it forks to go to La Iglesuela del Cid or take the Cantavieja turnoff. Towards La Iglesuela follow the path of the Pilones de Piedra (GR 8) and descend along the semi-surfaced track to the village (km 21.3).

Route card

Difficulty Unevenness Km Cyclability Approximate duration Type of road surface
324 m
21.3 km
2h-2h 30
84% forest track, 6% trail, 10% road

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