Route 11 Mountain Bike Center: La Vega Route

The route starts next to the bridge over the river Fortanete or Rambla de Malburgo and leaves the town through the area of Los Huertos, coinciding with the route of the GR 8 trail to Valdelinares. We reach the washhouse and, further on, we leave the PR trail to San Cristóbal. Once at the El Juncar spring (1.4 km), the route heads southeast and leaves the GR 8. It connects with the road to Valdelinares for 250 meters, and then takes a track that leads to the La Serna fountain. A short steep slope leads us to the monumental Pino de La Rocha. Heading north, we continue on to the Buen Suceso hermitage, a mandatory stop (6.5 km). The return is a gentle descent to the recreational area of La Canaleta. It continues along the riverbank, between headwater poplars, and goes back into Los Huertos to the medieval bridge at Fortanete.

Route card

Difficulty Unevenness Km Cyclability Approximate duration Type of road surface
150 m
1h 25min
90% track, 8 % trail, 2% road

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