GR 8.2 | Stage 02: La Iglesuela del Cid – La Cuba

The GR 8.2 towards La Cuba leaves the San Pablo gateway along a cemented street to find the path that climbs up the side of a ravine. Upon reaching the Alpargateros watering place, the livestock trail advances between the walls of enclosures, huts and dry stone huts. Thus we reach the Cabrillas pass, where we cross the road and connect with the path that descends the hill towards the ravine of Mas de Osset and in the direction of Casas de San Juan. The GR crosses this uninhabited trail and takes the track that leads to the uninhabited neighborhood of Las Albaredas.

At the end of the last house, take the path that goes down to the watercourse and continues to the Arnes mill. There a path crosses the riverbed and climbs up next to the wall to connect with a trail that ends in a pasture where another path awaits you that descends along the escarpment on the left bank of the ravine. Between patches of forest and passes between walls it leads to an asphalted track that goes uphill to find the track that goes to the mas de Cutanda. The GR is installed halfway up the slope, combining rolling and pedestrian sections, crosses the Gazulla ravine and arrives at the San Gil peiron, where it leaves the local road signposted to Mirambel and continues along a cemented path to La Cuba.

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