PR-TE 71 La Iglesuela del Cid-Vuelta a la Loma del Pinar

If you have not yet visited the surroundings of La Iglesuela del Cid, now is the time. Apart from the heritage of the urban environment, La Iglesuela has natural areas of great scenic interest, including the Loma del Pinar. Its altitude means that wherever you go you will find beautiful landscapes interspersed with a treasure as important as the walls and dry stone remains. It is worth taking a little time to walk along its paths and enjoy a unique environment.

The trail begins next to the local cemetery in a southerly direction. After passing the Piojos fountain and the washhouse, a very rocky trail begins between stone walls that leads to a first trail junction. The route continues to the left until the beginning of the circular return, either by the path of Las Cinglas or by the path of La Umbría. It is recommended to ascend gently along the path of Las Cinglas, with an excellent panoramic view of the dry stone landscape, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and World Heritage Site. The trail finally reaches the Morrón cross, a magnificent natural viewpoint over the rocky spur.

The return is made through an open gap in the rock (Umbría path) that passes next to the Las Umbrías fountain and descends through a glade of stony pebbles to the starting point of the route.

As we have mentioned, in addition to this route through the Loma del Pinar, La Iglesuela del Cid has a unique heritage, so there is more information in the following link.

Route card

Type of route Starting point Km Positive difference in elevation Negative difference in elevation Approximate duration M I D E
Circular traverse
From La Iglesuela del Cid cemetery
3.2 km
230 m
230 m
1h 30min
2 2 2 2

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