Route 05 Mountain Bike Center: Tosquilla Gorge

The route starts on the road towards Castellón. In front of a stone pylon and monument of the Maestrazgo we take a path between stone walls (700 m) that leads us to the Rambla de Las Truchas (km 3.5). After a sharp turn (km 4.5) we start the ascent through the ravine of La Tosquilla. We reach a forest refuge (km 10.7), among a beautiful pine forest. Further on, it links up with the asphalt road to La Nava (km 13.6) and with Route 4. (km 14). We continue, therefore, along the trail GR 8 next to the stone pylons and, further on, along the track in good condition to La Iglesuela del Cid (km 21.5).

Route card

Difficulty Unevenness Km Cyclability Approximate duration Type of road surface
21.5 km
1h 30min - 2h
98% forest road, 1% trail and 1% road

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