GR 8.2 | Stage 03: La Cuba – Mirambel

The GR 8.2 towards Mirambel leaves next to the church towards the cemetery and hermitage of San Cristóbal. After passing a small park, leave the cemented road, which avoids these places, and reach the base of the Moragües hill, where a path ascends its slope. After a detour through the terraced valley, it connects with the old country road and finishes climbing up the slope in loops. It crosses a trail and, after the next stretch of trail, crowns the Moragües pass at an easy crossing of azagadores.

The GR descends the other side of the hill through a wide corridor between walls that will gradually lose width until it becomes a bridle path as it passes by the Torre de Abajo farmhouse. It comes out further down to a track that leads to cross the Cantavieja riverbed and to link with the Mirambel – Forcall country road that follows the valley. The GR takes the path, crosses the road and, after a short stretch, reaches Mirambel in front of the Monjas gate.

Source: Tourist Trails of Aragon

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