PR – TE 90 | GR 8.1: Lookouts of La Cuba

Attractive trail that runs through the reliefs that surround the town of La Cuba and offer beautiful views over this area of Maestrazgo. The most demanding part of the route is the hard ascent to the Alto del Oro (1,179 m altitude), but the panoramic views compensate for the effort made. Leaving La Cuba by the San Gil peirón, heading south, a path begins that crosses the Gazulla ravine. It begins a steep ascent along a cattle track to Alto del Oro.

After enjoying the magnificent scenery offered by this natural viewpoint, we start the descent along a well-marked path that leads us to the vicinity of the Cutanda farmhouse. From there, the way back to La Cuba coincides with the GR 8.2 trail and goes flat between the carrascal, between walls and half slope, until arriving back to La Cuba, thus completing the circular loop.

We can extend this beautiful route ascending to the hermitage of San Cristobal, from which we will contemplate a beautiful panoramic view of the town of La Cuba.

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