GR 8 | Stage 08: Tronchón – Mirambel

The GR 8 leaves Tronchón in search of the cattle trail that, from the lower part of the village, ascends through the watercourse towards the Olocau-Cantavieja road junction. It comes out onto the asphalt and, a few meters later, takes the road to the right in front of the mas de los Tollos. Descend towards the mas de la Costera and the bottom of the ravine, where you take the pedestrian path that sticks to the left bank of the terraced ravine and that you will not leave until you reach the track next to the historic bridge of the Tornos River. Cross the bridge, leave the access to the restored Tornos mill and, a few meters ahead, join the bridle path that climbs the mountainside. It connects with the track that leads to the mas de Benedicto and continues in the opposite direction to the mas de Ardid.

Further on, after passing a watering hole, turn left to go around the Ardid farmhouse and return to the previous track, past the farmhouse. We advance along the track to the nearby pass, where the GR turns away from it to the right to look for the road that descends, with good views and in a beautiful succession of loops, towards Mirambel. The final part of the roadway becomes an access road to farms, ending in front of the boundary cross of the Portal de las Monjas.

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