Pozo del salto

Linear route located in the first mountainous foothills of the north of the Maestrazgo region. The ravine of Santa Lucia and the Straits of Pozo del Salto are a mysterious place cataloged as a Point of Geological Interest (PIG), one of the many in the town of Molinos.

The route, ideal for families, is 7.2 km long and has an elevation gain of 170 meters. The excursion starts from the main square of the village, next to the wonderful gothic church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. Continue along San Roque street, and once you cross the San Roque gate (next to the parking lot), take a street to the right that descends to the swimming pools and crosses the San Nicolás stream to take the GR 8.1 trail towards Ejulve.

Further on, the route crosses the road that surrounds the town center and along a path through the pine forest leads to the access track to the Ermita de Santa Lucía (leaving the GR 8.1 trail). Next to the building you can admire the holm oak and the monumental gall oak that grow in the surroundings. In front of the hermitage is the rock La Calavera, where other caves of the municipality are located. The trail continues to a farmhouse and enters a kermes oak grove. The final section is the most spectacular, a well-defined path crosses the rocky narrows where numerous climbing routes have been created. El Pozo del Salto is located at the end of the ravine, a waterfall of more than 30 meters high with a small lagoon of crystalline waters.

Route card