PR-TE 55 Molinos – Vuelta al Picuezo

This trail PR-TE 55, is a path that allows a simple family excursion, very attractive for children. This tour of the Picuezo will allow you to see striking reliefs without too much unevenness, but very interesting in terms of scenery.

Next to the information panel of the GR 8.1 trail, a path begins that descends to the banks of the San Nicolás ravine (cross the ford). It ascends again on the right side, leaving the road to Berge and skirting the Picuezo rock, a huge rocky mass that stands guard over the town. Next to an interpretive table, the path takes a trail that descends again in several loops to the bottom of the valley, where we find a rest area among the poplar trees. Here we can spend a pleasant day in the countryside or even go through the rocky strait to the beautiful waterfall that descends from the village, if the flow allows it.

Finally, there is another road that takes us back to the town (Las Pilas street). Another option is to go up the Fuentes ravine and go around the town.

Molinos is a town with a lot of charm, worth visiting. If you want to find out more information about the town, click on the following link.

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