PR-TE 81 Around the viewpoint of Valloré

This tour to the Valloré viewpoint is, without a doubt, an experience of a lifetime. Montoro de Mezquita is a unique enclave of the region and its landscapes overwhelm anyone who visits it for the first time.

Next to the viewpoint of the Eras de Montoro begins one of the most “wild” excursions of the Maestrazgo and the province of Teruel. The trail climbs up a cemented road until it reaches the old path that leads to the beginning of the circular route. It is recommended to initially climb to the Valloré viewpoint (left) and first save the slope, by means of several zigzag loops and steps, to an open path between the limestone strata (well equipped with handrails and support staples). Extreme caution is recommended on this stretch: safety helmet and even a lanyard with a harness. The itinerary fits between the rocky outcrops and it is necessary to overcome several cliffs. A small final via ferrata leaves us on the viewpoint of Valloré.

The route continues on the other side of the ravine, offering breathtaking panoramic views. The path reaches the bottom of the valley and reaches the Valloré strait (PR-TE 10 connection coming from the Hoz Mala-Aliaga). Finally, it descends through a beautiful stretch of footbridges anchored in the rock to cross the strait and ascend again to the starting point of the circular route.

Another recommended option is to go down to the Mas del Arco strait from the viewpoint located next to the road to Montoro.

On the way back, you can visit its historic center or visit other sites such as the Organs of Montoro and Villarluengo. If you click on the following link you will find out. Without a doubt, it is a route worth traveling. You have to be physically fit and be cautious, but the reward is very high.

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