PR – TE 143 Servite Convents Route. Circular Cuevas de Cañart – Ladruñán

This circular route leaves Cuevas de Cañart in the direction of Ladruñán along the GR 8.1 until reaching the end of the rocky pass of Estrecho, where the GR is abandoned to turn right onto a path that climbs up the mountain to a hill where it becomes a cattle trail. The road then reaches a fork where we can reach Ladruñán on one side, and on the other side to the steep ruins of the cave convent of the Servite monks.

The main route climbs up the terraced slope of El Cuchillo mountain until it reaches the summit. From there there are excellent panoramic views of the Maestrazgo territory and the Morrones ravine. The path flattens along the divide of the hill until it connects with a track in the direction of Cuevas de Cañart that then allows us to connect with the old path that goes down to the Estrecho ravine, where we follow the GR 8.1 until we reach Cuevas de Cañart again.

Be sure to visit both Cuevas de Cañart, with an architectural heritage that will surprise you, declared a Historic-Artistic Site, as Ladruñán and its districts, La Algecira and El Crespol, with a resounding and imposing landscape environment.

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