Tour of the Hermitages of Tronchón

Attractive trail that complements the visit of the splendid historical-artistic site of the town of Tronchón, offering a pleasant tour of the hermitages closest to the town center.

The itinerary is not difficult. You only have to pay more attention on the path from the hermitage of Santa Ana to the old road to Bordón, to follow the stone cairns along the top of the hill.

The route begins at El Portalico de Tronchón and soon ascends steeply zigzagging up to the viewpoint and hermitage of Santa Ana. From this natural viewpoint, the view of the hamlet of Tronchón is unbeatable. Behind the hermitage, a dirt track continues in a northerly direction, which soon turns into a path that is not very well defined but is marked with stone cairns. Following the summit line, the itinerary leads to the old Camino de Bordón. Once we connect with this road we continue to the left, passing by the Santa Bárbara pylon, until we reach the Tremedal hermitage, which has a fountain. From there, the road immediately reaches the Portal de Santa Bárbara in Tronchón.

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