PR – TE 142 Two Towers of Mercader – Civil War Trenches

The route starts at the Dos Torres square along the access road until it joins the path that climbs through the pine forest on the slopes of the mountain. It crowns the mountain of El Portellar, running along the top of the hill, where the horizon opens up towards Castellote and the Guadalope valley. From here, a branch road by forest trail runs along the hill of San Marcos and allows you to visit the defensive positions built during the Civil War.

However, the main route descends the trail to the head of the Mases ravine and processes down the opposite slope to a small mas. The road leads to a better track that climbs up to branch off again along a trail that cuts through the forest. The trail ends at another major trail towards the San Marcos hill. At the next crossroads, the aforementioned linking branch – coming from the San Marcos hill that divides the Trincheras route in two halves -, the access to the prop with the main trenches of the sierra and the trail down to Dos Torres de Mercader meet. This last path is the one used to descend under the rock through the Solana to the village.

Be sure to take a stroll through the charming streets of the town, visit the laundry, the old school and the exhibition on the Civil War, in the town hall, and the Church of San Abdón and San Senén. Also, taking a short walk, you can get close to Los Baños, recently equipped. It is a trail of just 2 km and 100m of slope, which runs along the ravine of Dos Torres. It leaves the square along San Roque Street and descends to the ravine. It goes up its course, passes by the La Teja fountain and later crosses the aqueduct that carries water to the town. There is a large hollow where the spring that supplies the fountain and some water cascades. Climb up some steps to a second level and cross a small strait to reach the waterfall of Las Palomas bridge, where an equipped path begins that leads to the viewpoint next to the road. You descend to the spring through a channel and once there you return the same way you came.

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